Escaping to positivity

Image: Dall-e, Text: ChatGPT, Master of prompts: Me

Once, in a quiet suburb, lived a middle-aged man named Thomas. His days were monotonous, defined by a routine of work, home, and the ever-present glow of his computer screen. Thomas worked in IT, a field that kept him connected, yet paradoxically isolated in a digital bubble. Over time, his worldview darkened, tinted by the relentless barrage of negative news flooding his screens. Wars, political strife, environmental disasters – the world, through Thomas’ eyes, seemed a place of unending turmoil.

One gloomy evening, as Thomas scrolled through another feed of grim headlines, he paused. A small, almost forgotten desire stirred within him – the love for landscape photography, a hobby from his younger years. On impulse, he dusted off his old camera, feeling its familiar weight in his hands. That weekend, instead of his usual routine, Thomas ventured into the nearby countryside.

As he focused his lens on the serene landscapes, something within Thomas shifted. The rolling hills, the play of light on leaves, the tranquil horizon – all whispered a different story, one of beauty and resilience. It was a stark contrast to the bleak narrative he had internalized. Each photograph he took was a moment of peace, a tangible reminder that the world was not just a compilation of headlines.

Inspired, Thomas began to explore further. He traded his usual solitary weekends for urban walks and biking trips. Each journey brought new perspectives, each conversation with strangers a reminder of the kindness and complexity of people. The more he explored, the more he realized that the world was a tapestry of stories, not all of which were tragic.

Thomas also sought out positive news sources, discovering that amidst the chaos, there were countless stories of human achievement, community resilience, and environmental progress. He started attending local art exhibitions, finding solace and inspiration in contemporary art. These experiences slowly reshaped his worldview.

One day, while sharing his photographs in a local exhibition, Thomas met others who shared similar journeys. They spoke of their own escapes from the vortex of negativity, finding balance through hobbies, community engagement, and selective media consumption. This community, with its diverse viewpoints and experiences, became a new source of strength for Thomas.

Thomas’ journey was not a dramatic escape but a gradual rediscovery of balance and beauty in the world. His photographs, once a personal refuge, became a testament to others that the world, despite its flaws, was also a place of wonder and hope. In capturing and sharing the world’s unnoticed beauty, Thomas found not just a hobby, but a way to rebuild his faith in the world around him.

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