The poem of the frozen wave

Image: Midjourney, Text: ChatGPT, Master of prompts: me

In ocean’s cradle, wave did sway, To moon’s soft tune, she’d dance and play. A voyager ‘cross endless blue, No harbor’s rest, no retinue.

She whispered to the stars above, “A frozen state I long to love, To trade my frolic, wild and free, For stillness, white tranquility.”

The North Wind heard her silent plea, Through briny mist, ‘cross stormy sea. “To icy shores I’ll guide thy flight, And there transform thy liquid might.”

With breath of frost, the wind did cast, A chilling spell, so wide and vast. The wave arched high, with frosted tips, A sculptured dance in time’s eclipse.

Now held in winter’s crisp embrace, A glacial form, with frozen grace. She rests where once she roamed unbound, In silent awe, her peace is found.

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